Charlotte H. Chang


Photo of Charlotte I am an Assistant Professor in Conservation Biology at Pomona College. I am affiliated with the Biology department and the Environmental Analysis program. I am also a One Conservancy Visiting Science Fellow with The Nature Conservancy.
I received a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University where I was co-supervised by Simon Levin and David Wilcove. I subsequently performed independent postdoctoral research at the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis (NIMBioS) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where I collaborated with Xingli Giam and Paul Armsworth. I also completed a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellowship, working with Yuta Masuda at The Nature Conservancy. Throughout my career, I've partnered with non-profits, ranging from the Centre for Wildlife Studies India to the Wildlife Conservation Society. 


chchang [at] pomona [dot] edu
Department of Biology
Environmental Analysis Program
Pomona College

Selected Projects


I have had the privilege of mentoring young scientists in the US, China, India, and Southeast Asia. My mentees include:


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US-based and international environmental non-governmental organizations use social media, but few have large audiences online
  • Kim*, H., Masuda, Y., Armsworth, P. R., & Chang, C. H.
  • Conservation Science & Practice
Anticipating anthropogenic threats in acquiring new protected areas
  • Albers, H. J., Chang, C. H., Dissanayake, S., Helmstedt, K. J., Kroetz, K., Dilkina, B., Zapata- Morán, I., Nolte, C., Ochoa-Ochoa, L. M., & Spencer, G.
  • Conservation Biology
Environmental users abandoned Twitter after Musk takeover


Environmental discourse exhibits consistency and variation across spatial scales on Twitter
  • Chang, C. H., Masuda, Y. J., & Armsworth, P. R.
  • BioScience
Twitter data reveal six distinct environmental personas


Modeling hunting and harvesting interactions between plants and their seed dispersers
  • De Angeli*, K. I., Abbasi*, E., Gan*, A., Ingram, D., Giam, X., & Chang, C. H.
  • Ecological Modelling


What does it mean to be for a Place?
  • Borrelle, S. B., Koch, J. B., & others with Chang, C. H.
  • Pacific Conservation Biology


Perceived entertainment and recreational value motivate illegal hunting in Southwest China
  • Chang, C. H., Williams, S. J., Quan, R.-C., Zhang, M., Levin, S. A., & Wilcove, D. S.
  • Biological Conservation


Examining conservation compliance with randomized response technique analyses
  • Chang, C. H., Cruyff, M. J., & Giam, X.
  • Conservation Biology
Should I shoot or should I go? Simple rules for prey selection in multi-species hunting systems
Birds and beans: Comparing avian richness and endemism in arabica and robusta agroforests in India's Western Ghats.


The pleasure of pursuit: recreational hunters in rural Southwest China exhibit low exit rates in response to declining catch
  • Chang, C. H., Barnes, M. L., Frye, M., Zhang, M., Quan, R.-C., Reisman, L. M. G., Levin, S. A., & Wilcove, D. S.
  • Ecology & Society
Habitat Loss on Rondon's Marmoset Potential Distribution
  • Ochoa-Quintero, J. M., Chang, C. H., Gardner, T. A., Rezende Messias, M., Sutherland, W. J., & Delben, F. A.
  • Land
Natural forest at landscape scale is most important for bird conservation in rubber plantation
  • Zhang, M., Chang, C., & Quan, R.
  • Biological Conservation


Ambushing the ambush hypothesis: Predicting and evaluating off-frame codon frequencies in prokaryotic genomes
  • Morgens, D. W., Chang, C. H., & Cavalcanti, A. R.
  • BMC Genomics


A horizon scanning assessment of current and potential future threats to migratory shorebirds
  • Sutherland, W. J., Alves, J. A., Amano, T., Chang, C. H., Davidson, N. C., Max Finlayson, C., Gill, J. A., Gill Jr, R. E., González, P. M., Gunnarsson, T. G. et al.
  • Ibis


Salted roads and sodium limitation in a northern forest ant community
  • Kaspari, M., Chang, C., & Weaver, J.
  • Ecological Entomology


Selected Events

Photo credit: Nikhil Deshmukh